Monday, 30 March 2009

Time out

These are a few more cards that I made today. I bought a new stamp on Sunday (as you will see from all of the car cards I made lol) and the ideas came faster than I could make them. I seriously need more crafting time, but I was lucky to get time today so YAY.

I left my peel offs at work so I still need to add wording to these.

These two are of the same card open and closed

This card just sort of happened. I was playing with some fibre and this is what I came up with.

This one was made using vellum with a map design printed on it

Stamp Free

My youngest has an upset tummy, so I had an unexpected day off work. I decided to put any time that he was sleeping to good use and made more cards.

This card was in response to a challenge on the Crafts By Carolyn forum.

It was a lot of fun once I got my head around what I wanted to do. Below is a picture of what I used

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Pound Shop Challenge

A friend of mine commented that I must spend loads to make the amount of cards that I do, so to prove a point we went to the pound shop and she picked out £3 worth of stuff for me to craft with.

We picked up a scrapbook kit that contained domed stickers, chipboard tags and dies and papers. All for £1. We also bought 2 packs of toppers.

This is just some of what I made. I have added brads, ribbon and the occasional peel off.

I am rubbish with a camera as you will see, but I think you will get the gist.

The butterfly on this first one is a shaker and the card reads "Have a great day"

The next two just had peel offs added. The next one reads "Many happy returns" and the third one ready "Happy Birthday". Note to self; invest in a better camera or learn how to use it lol

This last one was made in an effort to do a card for a man

I've made loads more from that £3 stash. Just goes to show what you can do on a shoe string budget

Funny about money

Isn't it amazing....... You walk in the shop saying "I'm only buying a pack of brads a some peel offs" only to walk out of the shop with two big bags and a purse that is £40 lighter than when you went in.
It happened to me yesterday. Actually it happens to me a lot. I only ever go into the shop for one or two crafting items and always seen to find new stuff that I just have to have.
Yesterday was worse than usual, because there was a sale on. I bought loads of lovely ribbon at half price (will last me ages) a new rubber stamp for male cards, brads, peel offs, flowers, more storage (you can never have enough), a white ink pad, card bags and a gorgeous pack of K & Co glitter stickers. And that was just part of what I bought.

I can't wait to get card making with this lot. Will have to wait till my three year old goes to bed tonight before I can play as he likes to "help" mummy. He has his own crafting stuff, but likes mine better lol. What can I say..... he has good taste.

I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance to play with my stash.
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