Saturday, 20 April 2013

Wallet albums

Hi.  I haven;t been crafting as much of late.  My plans for opening my own craft shop have slowed down and my mojo went some where sunny to relax.

Last year I made a wallet mini and I have been meaning to make another.  I finally got around to it this week and immediately got asked by my son to make him one.

This is the original one that I made using a tutorial by Charliejones2686 on Youtube.

This is the one I finished earlier this week.  It's hard to show these properly in pictures because of the size and the number of flaps to open and display.

My sons favourite colours are black and purple, so I have started making his using black card.  I am going to make his pages white and distress/grunge them with black and purple.  The odd bit of silver might get added here and there. I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow, so I will blog it when it is done.

Catch up with you soon (I need to blog more often)

Naomi x
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